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Introduction to Sailing for Women


Sailing is the perfect sport for women who enjoy water sports and recreational activities.  During a three-hour sail on Lake Norman, students will learn about the basics of sailing while also being introduced to important safety skills, the influence of the weather, and the physics behind making the boat go. Students will participate as a crew member with two other like-minded women. 


Specifically designed for women to help answer the question of whether you really do want to learn to sail.  Students will learn the basics of sailing during a three-hour sail on Lake Norman.  This class will review how sails work to propel a sailboat, learn basic sailing terminology, safety precautions and participate as a crew member under the tutelage of a sailing instructor. 


Basic Sailing terminology

  • Tacking – turning the boat into the wind
  • Gybing – turning the boat away from the wind
  • Heeling - The sideways tipping of the boat due to the wind's effect
  • Luffing – wind passes on both sides of a sail and cannot propel the boat
  • Points Of Sail - sailboat's course in relation to the wind direction
  • Shoal Marker – sign marker indicating low water
  • Tell Tails - guide to trimming sails and steering the boat 
  1. Understand how sails work
  • Hoist main and jib sails
  • Understand purpose of sailing lines
  • Identify and understand wind indicators

    2.  Participate as a crew member

  • trim the sails
  • steer the boat
  • Communicate with other crew members 

    3. Safety while underway

  •  Personal Safety
  •  Proper equipment
  •  Proper line handling skills
  •  Proper equipment handling skills
  •  Boat Safety
  •  Pre-Sail Check list
  •  Personal maneuvering while aboard


-18 Years of Age or older

Method of Instruction

Audio visual, lecture, discussion, demonstration, hands-on sailing experience.


-Exam: NO

-Demonstration of Skills: Sailing Skills Evaluation.

-Class Participation: YES attendance required for all sessions.