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Getting to the CORE of Business: Strategic Development System


Surpassed the challenges of startup?  Ready to grow your business?  Or is your company in the process of expanding and you’re facing new challenges of building processes, hiring people, and creating an effective strategy for growth?  Efficio's Getting to the CORE of Business Strategic Development Program is a systematic process that will teach you how to integrate, implement, and execute a focused growth strategy, the 11 CORE systems of a small business, and a strategic blueprint that will drive results in your business immediately!

 Designed for entrepreneurs who want to expand an existing business and need the skills to make it grow. 


Upon successful completion of this class, the student will be able to:

  •  Define, develop, implement and manage systems and processes
  • Utilize the systems created, master the development process and add other systems on a strategic and realistic schedule.
  • Implement key measurement analysis and determine short and long-term analysis criteria


  1. What Have You Gotten Yourself Into
    • Beginning your journey
    • Having what it takes
    • Transmogrification
  2. Differentiating Your Business
    • Culture development
    • Culture and brand
  3. Preparing for Excavation:  Defining Your Systems
    • Systems of a small business infrastructure
      • What is a system?
      • What is process
    • Steps to your first system
  4. Mining and Excavating Your Red Diamond Business
    • Your strategic planning system
      • Goals, milestones, & action steps
    • The Center of taking action
      • Documentation and strategy
      • The strategic blueprint
    • Market research
    • The Information Management System
    • Developing solutions and new ideas
      • Re-engineering and creating
    • Client Management System
    • Technology System
    • Procurement System
    • Internet System
    • Profitability System
      • Crunching the numbers
      • Cash flow
    • Human Capital System
    • Marketing System
  5. Preparing for Execution:  Pulling It All Together
    • Business Intelligence
      • Tracking & analyzing
      • Making trendy decisions
    • Polishing Your Red Diamond
      • Presentation & perpetuity
    • Presenting Your Red Diamond



Own/operate a business that has been in existence 1 or more years

Method of Instruction

Lecture with tele-class and computer laboratory components


  • Exam:  No
  • Prerequisites:  Yes
  • Class Participation:  Yes