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QuickBooks Level 2


Already know the basics? This second level course will help you expand your QuickBooks knowledge. Delve into advanced features such as forms creation, report and graph generation, job costing, inventory, payroll and trouble shooting.


Upon successful completion of this course, the participants will be able to:

  • Create and edit reports and graphs
  • Understand tracking and paying taxes with QuickBooks
  • Understand estimating and job costing
  • Understand the payroll function


  1. Customizing Forms
    • Creating a custom template
    • Modifying a template
    • Printing forms
  2. Using Other QuickBooks Accounts
    • Using Other QuickBooks Account types
    • Tracking Credit Card transactions
    • Working with Asset accounts
    • Working with Liability accounts
    • Understanding Equity accounts
  3. Creating Reports
    • Creating QuickReports
    • Modifying QuickReports
    • Memorizing QuickReports
    • Running Preset reports
    • Modifying Preset reports
    • Memorizing report settings
    • Exporting reports to Microsoft Excel
    • Printing reports
  4. Creating Graphs
    • Creating QuickInsight graphs
    • Creating a new graph
    • Using QuickZoom with graphs
    • Working with the Sales graph
    • Customizing graphs
    • Printing graphs
  5. Tracking and Paying Sales Tax
    • Using Sales Tax in QuickBooks
    • Setting Up Tax rates and Agencies
    • Determining what you owe
    • Paying your Tax Agencies
  6. Estimating, Time Tracking, Job Costing
    • Creating Job Estimates
    • Creating an Invoice from an estimate
    • Displaying Project reports for estimates
    • Tracking time
    • Displaying project reports for time tracking
    • Displaying other project reports
  7. Writing Letters
    • Using the Write Letter Wizard
    • Designing a letter
  8. Doing Payroll with QuickBooks
    • Using Payroll tracking
    • Setting up for Payroll
    • Setting Up Employee payroll information
    • Writing a Payroll check
    • Printing paycheck stubs
    • Tracking Your tax liabilities
    • Paying Payroll taxes
    • Printing Forms 940 and 941


SBX 7440 or 1 year of experience.

Method of Instruction

Lecture, Hands on in Computer Lab


  • Exam: No
  • Demonstration of Skills: Yes
  • Class Participation: Yes