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Course Title
MicroMasters in Entrepreneurship


Get up and running fast with this intensive certificate program designed to train and to guide you on the path toward business success. Your own commitment along with classroom instruction, guest speakers, presentations, case studies, group work and online content allow you to evaluate the feasibility of your idea, and to develop a strategy and business plan using proven finance and marketing techniques.


Upon successful completion of this class, the student will be able to:

  • identify entrepreneurship as a career and lifestyle option
  • examine components of small business start-up and operation.
  • build on business skills such as marketing and financial management
  • understand the steps required to develop a business idea
  • learn the criteria for new business viability
  • construct a business plan


  1. Establish SMART goals
  2. Test business feasibility
  3. Identify a target market
  4. Establish business uniqueness
  5. Determine organizational requirements
  6. Build a workable financial plan for profitability
  7. Create actionable strategy using traditional and current social marketing methods
  8. Choose the best business structure
  9. Differentiate a service business
  10. Develop a brand
  11. Identify market trends and pitfalls on the path to success
  12. Navigate a path to market
  13. Identify and examine sources of start-up funding



Method of Instruction

Lecture with online components


  • Survey
  • Class Participation