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Understanding and Using Drones: Regulations, Equipment and Business Applications


Whether you are a hobbyist wanting to master the safe use of drones, or an entrepreneur considering using drones in your business, this course will give you a broad foundation of practical knowledge. While FAA regulations are still evolving, this training is intended to be part one of a two-part path to FAA operator certification. Offered in partnership with The Academy for Unmanned Vehicles.


Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Identify commercial uses and applications for drones
  • Select the right hardware for your needs
  • Understand current FAA regulations and licensing requirements
  • Recognize safety and risk management considerations
  • Fly a training quadcopter

Explore starting a drone business or using drones for existing operations


1.  Commercial uses and applications of UAS

  • Markets
  • Economic drivers
  • Photos and video
  • Post-processing

2.  Selecting the right hardware for your needs

  • Different types of sUAS including both multi-rotor and fixed-wing
  • Flight systems from:
    • DJI (Phantom and Inspire 1)
    • 3D Robotics (Y6)
    • Infinite Jib (custom-built hexacopter with dual controls and first person video)
  • Flight vehicles, radio controllers, components and characteristics
  • Autonomous flight
  • Routine maintenance

3.  How to start, fund and operate your business

4.  Current FAA regulations and licensing requirements (rules of the road)

  • FAA
    • Policies
    • How to fly legally now
    • Preparation for upcoming regulations
    • Exemptions
  • Lawsuits
  • Privacy Concerns

5.  Safety considerations and risk management

  • Best practices
  • Operational risks
  • Insurance

6.  Practical hands-on flight training

  • Hands-on flight practice using a small model quadcopter
  • Simulator training






Method of Instruction

Lecture and experiential learning


Attendance and participation