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Business and Marketing Writing


This fun, introductory course will teach you to write or identify copy that achieves business and marketing goals. Whether you seek to improve your own writing or learn to identify effective copy, this course will help you understand the power of writing - and use it to present a solid, cohesive message to your target audience.


  • The Role of Business and Marketing Writing:  Understand marketing principles, writing principles, the role of business and marketing writing, and the role of the business and marketing writer.
  • The Ins and Outs of Image:  Understand the complexities of corporate image to produce more informed, more potent copy.
  • Writing Approaches and Strategies:  Understand the initial writing process, ask the right questions and make informed writing decisions about any project.
  • Media:  Learn stylistic guidelines for writing different kinds of projects.
  • Putting It All Together: Writing Project:  Understand how to develop a project from start to finish, applying all the information in the previous lessons.
  • Complete and Incomplete Sentences:  Identify complete and incomplete sentences; identify good uses for sentence fragments; identify and fix comma splices.
  • Word Choices:  Learn how to make accurate and thematic word choices to improve your writing.
  • Internal Communication:  Understand what an internal image is and learn to work more effectively with managers, editors, senior and junior writers, and artists.
  • Banishing the Bureaucracy:  Figure out how to handle buzzwords and jargon and learn ways to make your copy more active and concise.
  • Editing, Proofreading and Evaluating:  Discover ways to edit and proofread more effectively; learn ways to evaluate writing; and understand the principles of direct marketing.
  • Putting It All Together: Editing Project:  See how to edit a project from start to finish while applying all the information you learned in the previous lessons.
  • Marketing Ethics:  Review ethical considerations and challenges that arise in the business and marketing world.


Wednesday - Lesson 01

We'll start off our first lesson with a discussion about the purpose of marketing and the goals of writing, and then we'll talk about the unique roles, responsibilities, and challenges of business and marketing writing. You'll learn exactly what business and marketing writers do, and where we stand as we begin our exploration of this exciting field.

Friday - Lesson 02

Before you can write or recognize successful copy, you'll need to understand your corporate identity: who the company is and what the company offers. In this lesson, we'll delve into all the aspects of corporate image that writers and marketing professionals need to ponder before producing effective projects.

Wednesday - Lesson 03

Now that you understand image, what can you do with it? Building on Lesson 2, today we'll analyze business and marketing goals—and the needs of your audience—to figure out the appropriate writing style for any project.

Friday - Lesson 04

It's a creative field, but certain projects require certain conventions. In today's lesson, we'll discuss how a particular medium or project type can guide your writing style and approach, helping you save time and stay on target.

Wednesday - Lesson 05

In this lesson, we'll gather up all the information we explored in the previous four lessons and put it all together. I'll illustrate how to apply everything you've learned so far as we develop an original writing project from start to finish.

Friday - Lesson 06

Do you need to write in complete sentences? What is a complete sentence, anyway? In today's lesson, we'll go through a brief refresher on sentence construction, and we'll go over some guidelines for using fragments in business writing. You’ll also learn to recognize and fix one of the most common errors in modern writing: the comma splice.

Wednesday - Lesson 07

You can't write without words! In Lesson 7, you'll learn to make accurate word choices. We’ll discuss the level of vocabulary appropriate for business writing, and you'll learn how to choose words that reinforce a project’s theme. We’ll also clarify some tricky word pairs and discuss word-choice problems whose usage can undermine the professionalism of our writing.

Friday - Lesson 08

In today's lesson, we'll take a critical look on the inside. First we'll discuss how to develop "marketing" projects for audiences within a company. Then we'll explore the roles of the various specialists who contribute to a single marketing piece—bosses, clients, editors, junior writers, artists, and designers. You'll learn how to work with all of them to create smoother relationships and better projects.

Wednesday - Lesson 09

For even the most experienced writers, bureaucratic influences can creep in to reduce creativity and impede communication. In this lesson, we’ll take a look at buzzwords and jargon, and then explore some ways to achieve maximum power and effectiveness by keeping your writing clear, concise, and active.

Friday - Lesson 10

In Lesson 10, we'll explore the final steps. You'll learn to enhance and refine business and marketing projects during the editing and proofreading processes. You'll also learn to evaluate finished pieces and even test their effectiveness in the real world!

Wednesday - Lesson 11

Today, we’re back to putting it all together, but this time as editors. In Lesson 11, we’ll apply everything you’ve learned so far in the course, editing a project from beginning to end.

Friday - Lesson 12

Marketing deals with images, so it's easy to lose sight of the truth. In this, the final lesson of the course, we'll go over some important considerations that marketing professionals need to think about.

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