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Introduction to Nonprofit Management


Understand the unique characteristics of nonprofit organizations while mastering the core knowledge necessary to become an effective leader in the nonprofit arena. Learn skills and develop strategies that will take your organization to new heights of prosperity and productivity.


  • Identify common nonprofit terms
  • Understand how the mission statement and strategic plan guide a nonprofit
  • Understand how a nonprofit is structured
  • Understand the role of the executive director in the nonprofit setting and how a nonprofit is staffed
  • Understand the role and responsiblities of the nonprofit board of directors
  • Understand the roles committees and volunteers play in the nonprofit organization
  • Understand how to conduct a successful meeting
  • Understand and create membership programs, benefits and services
  • Understand basic terms and skills required in nonprofit financial management
  • Understand the basic practices and procedures involved in managing nonprofit special events
  • Understand the basic components of communicating with the public, media and constituents
  • Understand nonprofit job skills and identify nonprofit job markets


Week 1

Lesson 01 - What is a Nonprofit?

What is a Nonprofit? - In this lesson, you'll learn some basic nonprofit terminology and the purpose of the nonprofit in today's society. You'll understand what the product of a nonprofit is, how it differs from a for-profit business, and its economic impact on the community where it resides. You will learn why the bottom line of a nonprofit is judged differently from a for-profit business, and what this means to you as a nonprofit manager.

Lesson 02 - Planning Documents

Planning Documents - In today's lesson, you'll learn why it's just not enough to have an idea for change and a knack for gathering supporters. This lesson will show you how to ensure your organization's success through careful planning. You'll learn how your mission statement guides your nonprofit, what a strategic plan is, and why every nonprofit needs one.

Week 2

Lesson 03 - Structure and Leadership

Structure and Leadership - This lesson will give you a clear idea of what life is like inside a nonprofit. When you finish with today's lesson, you'll feel like you've been to an open house … and found out which room is yours! You'll also learn who governs and manages the nonprofit. I'll share with you my turf chart, which will help you understand the entire leadership issue in a clean, concise format.

Lesson 04 - Staffing and the Role of the Executive Director

Staffing and the Role of the Executive Director - Today, I'll paint for you a grand picture of the nonprofit workforce. You'll learn what the executive director does and why this position is key to the overall wellbeing of a successful nonprofit. You'll learn why the executive director (ED) makes such high demands on the staff, and why the standards for quality performance are an integral part of the workplace.

Week 3

Lesson 05 - The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors - This lesson is a fascinating study on group dynamics and the role that the board of directors plays in nonprofit governance. They are the few chosen from the many who take on the principal responsibility for fulfillment of the organization's mission and the legal accountability for its operations. Governing boards are receiving more attention than ever before, so this chapter is as timely as it is informative.

Lesson 06 - Volunteers and Committees

Volunteers and Committees - Volunteers are often referred to as the heart of a nonprofit, with committees being the backbone—one supports the other. Whatever you want to call the relationship, the fact is that a nonprofit needs both groups working in harmony to be successful. Today you'll learn how to attract and retain volunteers. You'll understand the real purpose of committees and how to make each one worth its weight in gold.

Week 4

Lesson 07 - Managing and Organizing Meetings

Managing and Organizing Meetings - In today's lesson, you'll learn how to improve your meeting management skills. We'll talk about when a meeting is necessary, how to decide what type of meeting your organization needs, and how to figure out how much it actually costs to hold a meeting. This chapter is a real eye-opener that will help you put meeting planning into the right perspective.

Lesson 08 - Membership, Benefits and Services

Membership, Benefits and Services - This lesson will help you understand why delivering relevant benefits and services can enhance your organization's reputation by meeting or exceeding members' expectations. A strong membership program results in delighted, satisfied members, and it boosts your image as a successful manager.

Week 5

Lesson 09 - Financial Aspects

Financial Aspects - In today's lesson, you'll learn why financial management is one of the most important practices in nonprofit management. You'll understand how the budget empowers you to protect your membership, and how it actually serves as the ultimate referee in times of financial conflict.

Lesson 10 - Special Event Management

Special Event Management - In today's lesson, you'll explore the world of special event management. The escalation of appeals for money is leading to donor fatigue. Loyal donors are saying, Enough already! and prospects are examining more carefully than ever before to see which organizations are willing to earn their support. By the end of this lesson, you'll be able to plan and execute a special event that will boost your agency's income and community awareness. You'll make your mark from the beginning and be an invaluable resource for any nonprofit you choose to work with.

Week 6

Lesson 11 - Delivering Your Message

Delivering Your Message - Every nonprofit needs to enhance its image, increase member participation, energize supporters and publicize its fundraisers through a carefully orchestrated public relations (PR) program. In today's lesson, we'll look at the public relations tools and techniques that nonprofit professionals use to successfully get the word out about their organization.

Lesson 12 - Finding Your Place in the Nonprofit Sector

Finding Your Place in the Nonprofit Sector - In this last lesson, we'll get into the nitty-gritty of searching for just the right nonprofit job for you. You'll learn some of the best ways to find a job in the nonprofit sector, including some tips on how to write an effective resume. I'll show you how to prepare a personal case statement, and why the 20-second rule can make the difference between landing an interview or having your resume land in the trash bin.

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