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ESL Fast Track Teacher Training


ESL Instructor Fast Track Training is a six to eight week, 30-hour, five-module, instructor-moderated, online training course for new ESL teachers or tutors who need to develop a theoretical and practical foundation for teaching English to adult immigrants from a variety of linguistic and educational backgrounds. Topics focus on core issues of adult learners, language learning in adulthood, teaching methods, lesson planning, and reflective teaching practices. Tuition is $263 plus an optional $35 for the course study guide. Participants receive 3 CEUs and a certificate upon completion. 


  • To give a foundation, including research and theory as it applies to classroom practice; to explore personal beliefs about learning and teaching; to gain an understanding about language acquisition, build awareness of ESL pedagogy and an appreciation for lesson planning; and to discover tools and resources to further pursue self-directed professional development.


  1. The Adult ESL Learner & Core Issues in Adult ESL Instruction
    • Explores the teacher's role and the influence his/her own background and assumptions may play in the classroom.
    • Delves into student characteristics and factors that impact students' language learning outcomes.
  2. Second Language Acquisition in Adulthood
    • Provides an overview of the dominant theories and research findings that inform language practice in the field of Adult ESL.
    • Relates these theories and research findings to the language learning processes adult students with diverse cultural, educational, and motivational backgrounds experience.
  3. ESL Teaching Methods & Practices
    • Establishes the distinction between methods and approaches and how they reflect the dominant theories and research findings of Adult English language acquisition.
    • Demonstrates a variety of instructional techniques that are used to implement the particular methods and approaches discussed.
  4. Lesson Planning
    • Applies the knowledge and skills gleaned from the previous modules to planning classroom lessons that will ensure that learning objectives and procedures are in harmony.
    • Provides an opportunity to demonstrate understanding of the different teaching approaches.
  5. Classroom Observation and Reflection
    • Provides tools and reflection strategies to observing teacher/student interactions.
    • Integrates knowledge of the core issues of Adult ESL, language acquisition theories and findings, along with instructional methodologies and strategies to the classroom setting.



Method of Instruction

  • Online, Moodle-based, and unfacilitated


  • Summative and formative assessments will determine CEUs.