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Course Title
Introduction to Stick Welding


This introductory course will cover an overview of Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) or Stick (short hand). Students will learn safety procedures, setting up the machine properly for each material, utilization of electrodes, and welding joints. This course will provide foundational training to take an American Welding Society (AWS) certification exam on carbon steel plate at the end of the course. 



Course will review standard operating procedures for SMAW, including electrode selection, welding joints, safety, and machine set up. At the end of the course students will have the opportunity to take the American Welding Society certification course for SMAW carbon steel plate in a specific position (1G - 6G). Standard testing materials will be provided. This condensed course is designed to refine the skills in order to pass a practical qualification test. Students are required to bring all necessary safety and welding gear.


Classroom and lab environment training to cover the following: 

  • Lab safety procedures 
  • Operate SMAW equipment properly 
  • Theory and common uses for SMAW 
  • Types of electrodes 
  • Proper selection of electrodes for material 
  • Understand importance of current, amperage, voltage settings on equipment for welding carbon steel 
  • Joint preparation 
  • Weld selected joints 
  • AWS Test review 
  • AWS Test 



Method of Instruction

Classroom and lab 


Demonstration of skills within the lab environment. Completion of SMAW welded joints to successfully prepare for the AWS test at the end of the course.