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How To Taste Wine Like A Pro


A gentle swirl around the glass helps vaporize some of the wine's alcohol to release a wine's natural aromas to mix and mingle. Learn this and more in two-hour wine adventure to deepen your appreciation for both wine and winemakers. With the basic three step method - look, smell and taste - you'll start with your basic senses and expand from there to learn how to taste wine like the pro in no time. Gain an understanding of how to combine smell and taste - salty, sweet, sour and bitter - to appreciate wine's flavor.


The student will be able to identify the components of a wine that affects its taste and smell. The student will be shown how to keep a wine journal.


  1. Step One: Look
    • Wine appearance
    • Examine the color
    • Rim color
    • Swirling wine for "good legs"
  2. Step Two: Smell
    • Initial impression
    • Deep whiff
    • Similarities and differences
  3. Step Three: Taste
    • Balance of sweetness and acidity
    • Awakening of senses
    • Body and texture of the wine
    • Aftertaste
  4. Wine Journal
    • Save labels
    • Write your impression of wines
    • Where you purchased and how much you paid for the wine


  • None

Method of Instruction

  • Lecture
  • Tastings


  • Exam: NO
  • Demonstration of Skills: No
  • Class Participation:  Yes