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Wine Package


Under the guidance of our wine instructor, join fellow wine enthusiasts as you embark on an adventure into the world of wine. Learn about wine through tastings from the world's major white and red wine grapes. In this interactive course, you will discover which wines pair well with certain foods. Most importantly, you will return home with the skills and confidence you need to purchase wine for your next party, dinner or for pure enjoyment. You will also take a field trip to a local wine merchant and a take home a Charlotte Cooks Guide to Wine and Food Pairing.


To increase the student's enjoyment of wine through tastings, food pairings and to give them the skills to purchase a good bottle of wine for a good value.


1. Taste Wine Like a Pro

2. Basics of Food and Wine Pairings

3. Wine Shop with confidence

4. How to Order Wine in a Restaurant


Must be 21 years of age

Method of Instruction

Demonstration, tastings, field trip


Class survey