ID Card Access Control

Information Technology Services has partnered with Facilities Services to enhance college security by managing the installation, assisting with the implementation and providing the system integration for our network based building access control system.  This system will be deployed in phases based on security priorities and college needs.  Phase I was completed in 2012.

Further phases are subject to approvals and funding.



Here is a brief overview of the phasing strategy:.

  • Phase I – complete primary external doors and critical areas. (Lockable external doors, cashiering areas, high risk areas…)

 The primary goal is to give security the ability to remotely and centrally control locking and unlocking of primary external doors and critical areas.  Tertiary goals;  To lay the framework for intrusion alarm system and set a system standard for the college

  • Phase II– complete Security’s high traffic areas and high priority areas:  (Classrooms, Student areas…)

 Tertiary goal; to develop policies and procedures for the distribution and activation of user’s cards.

  • Phase III– complete lower traffic areas and lower priority areas: (Offices, Conference Rooms…)

Gaining Access to an Area

In order to get access to an area, you will need to contact Campus Security at 704.330.6632.
Additionally, gaining permissions for that area (continuous access via card use) require supervisor approval from your department and the clarification on the specific areas access is needed.

For assistance with setting up access levels for your ID card, or to schedule a time to have your ID card created, please contact the Security Office at 704-330-6632.

Generally, your ID card will be printed for you at the time of your appointment. The access level needed is determined by the position you hold as well as any additional access request you make. This needs to be approved by your Supervisor first, however. For any additional information, or for any inquiries or questions please contact the Security Office at 704-330-6632.

Alert history is not available for this service.

Problems with this service should be reported to the ITS Help Desk. You can contact us by email at or by calling 704.330.5000 during our normal operating hours.

Upon receipt of your report we will create a record in our tracking system and a tracking number will be provided, either over the phone or via automated email response, that you may use to identify this issue in any subsequent communications.