Employee Email



Employee email is hosted in-house using Microsoft Exchange. Each college employee is provided his/her own email mailbox when the network account is created.

Employees interested in using a mobile device to access their Exchange mailbox should contact the ITS Helpdesk for details.


Access to an employee email account is available both on and off campus using Outlook, Outlook Web Access (https://owa.cpcc.edu), or using mobile devices.

Help information is not available for this service.

SLA information is not available for this service.

Alert history is not available for this service.

Problems with this service should be reported to the ITS Help Desk. You can contact us by email at helpdesk@cpcc.edu or by calling 704.330.5000 during our normal operating hours.

Upon receipt of your report we will create a record in our tracking system and a tracking number will be provided, either over the phone or via automated email response, that you may use to identify this issue in any subsequent communications.