Laptop Support

Information Technology Services provides full support for laptops issued by the College.  Support includes imaging, malware removal, hardware/software troubleshooting, and warranty replacements.

For all laptops that have not been purchased by following the Recommendations Guidelines set-out by ITS, the ITS Department shall not be able to fully support the Laptop device.

The link above contains the current recommendations for Laptops to be purchased by Faculty/Staff for best integration with our current ITS Systems.

All personally owned student Laptops shall be provided minimal support.  CPCC will not provide any support for any Hardware related issues on personal laptops.


Support for personally owned student laptops includes the following actions at this time:

  • Connecting to the CPCC Wi-Fi
  • Connecting to CPCC Services
  • Troubleshooting basic issues related to class

For Faculty/Staff users we will be able to provide any type of software support. We will not, however, purchase software on behalf of the department unless previously approved through the Technology Planning Cycle or Department provided funds.


For assistance with Laptop Support, you can contact the ITS Help Desk at the times listed below:

Monday – Thursday

7:30 AM - 9:30 PM




7:30 AM - 5:00 PM




8:00 AM - 12:00 PM






To configure:

  • Make sure that the wireless card is turned on (click the AirPort icon on the menu located in the upper right hand corner)
  • Now select the CPCC SSID from the list of available networks located in the AirPort menu.
  • Type your CPCC username and password and then click OK to connect to the wireless network.
  • If you see a certificate warning…
    • Click on Show Certificate.
    • Checks to make sure the certificate is named is valid, and then click "Always trust”
  • You may now be prompted to enter your Mac username and password (not your CPCC one) to allow this trust to be saved. If so, do so and click OK.

To make 802.1x the default SSID for CPCC :
If you had previously used “CPCCWireless” SSID, your computer may try to connect to that network first. In order to be sure your computer connects first to the CPCC SSID, follow these steps:

  • Open the System Preferences by going to the Apple menu and choosing it:
  • Click on the Network icon in System Preferences.
  • Click on AirPort in the left column, and then on the Advanced… button near the bottom right corner of the window.
  • Drag and drop the names of wireless networks so that CPCC is higher in the list than other Network Name Then click once on CPCCWireless and click the “-” button to remove it from the list.

For more information about the CPCC wireless network, visit

The table below shows an estimate for the amount of time for a request to be completed:

Request Type

Targeted Time to closure

Troubleshooting issues encountered with Hardware

Up to 2 weeks

Laptop re-image

5 days or less

Software installation

5 days or less

Hardware installation

Up to 2 weeks

Assistance with connecting to Wi-Fi

1 Day

Alert history is not available for this service.

Problems with this service should be reported to the ITS Help Desk. You can contact us by email at or by calling 704.330.5000 during our normal operating hours.

Upon receipt of your report we will create a record in our tracking system and a tracking number will be provided, either over the phone or via automated email response, that you may use to identify this issue in any subsequent communications.