Technology Planning


The annual Technology Equipment Planning process is available to identify needs and plan for equipment and services throughout all College campuses.  The process enables departments to enter their requests through our online technology planning system.



Department heads are requested to enter their technology requirements using Submit your Requests and Review Requests Submitted by their Department.  Faculty and staff are welcome to provide their input through their department and division heads.

Please review the following information before submitting technology requests:

Items to consider for inclusion in your requests:

  1. Computer need for expansion of existing facilities (e.g. new labs, new smart/computer classrooms)
  2. Hardware and/or software for new projects and initiatives
  3. State regulations classify items with unit cost above $1,000 (including tax and shipping) as 'equipment' and those between $500-$999 as 'minor equipment'

Items to exclude:

  1. Items with unit cost of less than $500

    State regulations treat such items as 'supplies.'  Equipment funds cannot be used for these items and may be acquired using an individual department's supply budget.
  2. Replacement of existing equipment

    All computers and projectors are on a prescribed refresh cycle depending upon changes in technology and functional requirements.  Please note that only those laptop computers that were acquired through this technology equipment planning process are included in refresh cycles.  Laptop computers acquired through grants or other self supporting funds are not included in this process.
  3. High speed laser printers

    High speed printers have converged with copiers and scanners into multi-function devices.  The College acquires multi-function devices for placement in almost every office cluster as existing equipment is replaced.  Scanning is at no cost but printing and copying is subject to chargeback by College Printing Services.  all network printers are also being moved to the Staff Print Accounting System.  Maintenance contracts and supplies (toner, paper) for all devices on chargeback are supported by College Printing Services.  Departments are reminded to keep this in mind during the budget preparation cycles.
  4. Personal Printers

    While personal printers have become more affordable (< $500), their use is discouraged because of their impact on the environment and higher per page costs.  These are often not worth repair and would have to be replaced with new ones when they become defective using each department's supply budget.
  5. Equipment for new positions

    This is already planned for.  Departments are asked to place new position equipment requests at the start of the hiring process.  Please note that new employees filling an existing or vacant position normall inherit offices and equipment that was in use by the previous person in the position.
  6. Portable projectors and laptops

    Most requests for laptops and portable projectors are addressed by increasing the number of laptops and projectors available for short-term checkout through the library.  Existing devices in the libraries are on a planned refresh cycle.
  7. Peripherals

    Departments are requested to acquire peripherals like CD or DVD burners, scanners, LCD monitors, additional computer memory, digital cameras, and desktop printers using their supplies budget.  Information Technology Services web site lists recommended products, recent prices and vendors for these items.
  8. Requests from last fiscal year that were not fulfilled will be moved over to this year.  They do not need to be entered again.  Status of last year's requests may be seen at Technology Equipment Planning site.

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